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Valencia Greens is committed to the creation and delivery of eco-friendly products that blend harmoniously with nature. Valencia Greens aims to make these sustainable green technologies a safe, easy and reliable way for the benefit of future generations & environment.

Valencia Greens catch is an effort to help human race to conserve ,preserve our precious sources like land, water ,soil in ‘Magical way’ and this magic is called : 

- Vertical Garden
- Green Walls
- Green Roof 

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We intend to inspire people to create Green spaces & promote innovative urban garden techniques.



Wonder Green 


The latest addition to Valencia Greens Product line is the simplest system for domestic Green walls. This system consists of Module, Joinery, Vydro, Plants & Growth Medium.

Green Wall


In Green Facades, climbing plants are grown on a wall where in plants attach themselves directly to the surface or are grown on some supporting structure. Here, plants are always rooted in soil or some other medium at the base of the wall. 

Green Roof 


A green roof or a living roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.

Green Curtains

It is a series of horizontal planters, suspended on SS wire ropes with inbuilt water reservoir, irrigation and drains. This innovative type of hanging green screens can facilitate privacy, protection from harsh sunlight without harming airflow.

Urban Farming


Urban Farming is now becoming necessity of the time. With urbanization, the agricultural fields are not only reducing but also going far away from cities, ie the ultimate consumers.

Green Strings

1st time in India this kind of greenery is made available. This is a series of vertical, planting capsules made of Hydrophilic foam.

Innovative Gardening


Thanks to latest gardening technologies Valencia Greens is now offering sustainable and innovative solutions to create non-conventional greeneries anywhere.

Eco Grow Substrates

With Valencia Greens roof substrate one is not required to replenish growth media with organic manures for years to come. The structural stability of this medium is good and even 4.5 inch layer of such media can give usable lawn area.