Eco Grow Substrates

ELT Global President, Gregory Garner, has been working on different growth media since 2001. Under his guidance we started developing the growth media since 2008 in India. During the process of this development, we @ Valencia Greens Catch have developed lot many recipes depending on type of application, system, climatic conditions, micro climate & also the plants.

This required us to study different types of living wall, green roof & pot plant application & plant performance in each condition including water intake, fertiliser intake, light available & corresponding growth- medium requisites.


Even the longevity of growth medium, the structural & the physiological changes over period of time is considered & now Valencia Greens Catch is able to provide longevity enabled growth mediums for 5, 10, 15 & 20 years at request.

ELT India has made available following growth media on the basis of application in the market.

Living Wall Substrates

1. Valencia Greens Catch  Living wall substrate Standard
The structure, texture & longevity of more than 8 years are special features of this growth medium. The planting cells of panels do not flood or overflow. The water follows the path with gravity & irrigates the panel uniformly. While satisfying all the characteristics of porosity, it also satisfy the requirements of correct water holding for plants. The structure of soil does not change for years to come.


2. Growth Media For Loose substrate systems having sack based system

The growth medium required for sack based systems, has different requirements as it is exposed to environmental forces from all sides. It is like a hanging basket. It is subject to evaporative losses & also higher temperature & lower temperatures can affect these type of systems. At the time of each season change plants have to survive change in the climate. The uniformity of growth medium is also required as in the loose media we have no control over water flow & sometimes water finds it’s own way to drain before it penetrates through out media. We @ Valencia Greens Catch  have studied this & we have found few solutions which can make these kind of green walls to last longer & healthy even years after years.


3. For Pot based systems

Now many pot based systems have come in the market. Even Valencia Greens Catch’s urban farming module can also be used as pot based green wall system. Therefore Valencia Greens Catch  has already developed growth medium for pot based system as well as green curtain.


4. Structural growth medium - VYDRO®

Valencia Greens Catch has completed it’s experimentation on structural growth medium VYDRO®. Now structural based solutions for all the systems is made available by Valencia Greens Catch 

Green Roof Substrates

1. Valencia Greens Catch -  green roof system. 

The growth medium for Valencia Greens - green roof system has weight 18 ~ 20 kg / cft. Valencia Greens Catch does not make excessive use of bio-degradable materials like coco-peat, FYM & others. With Valencia Greens Catch green roof substrate one is not required to replenish growth media with organic manures for years to come. The structural stability of this medium is good and even 4.5 inch layer of such media can give usable lawn area. In case of lawn plantation one may require to top-dress the grass as it is plant specific requirement. Even sloping roofs having slopes, less than 35 degrees can use this growth medium for such areas.


2. Light weight Medium

Valencia Greens Catch has developed light weight growth medium for flat areas for special light weight solutions. The weight of such growth medium is less than 15 kg per cft.


3. Ultra Light

This kind of solutions are generally required for providing shrub areas on the spaces where the structure is not designed to take load of gardens.

Pot Plants

There are plants those survive low light conditions. Too much moisture & low light if together is the worst condition for plants. Many times nurseries supply organic material rich soil. The standard physical parameter levels are achieved merely using additional quantities of organic materials like coco-peat, FYM, city compost or other materials available locally. The growth medium performs well till organic materials depletes to 30%. After that the problem starts and becomes worst when organic matter depletes 50%. One has to loosen soil frequently, add organic matter as and when require.

Therefore we at Valencia Greens Catch  we have developed growth mediums which stay longer & don’t change it’s physical characteristics much. One is required to provide fertilisers at a particular intervals. We have developed following growth mediums for,

  1. Indoor plants

  2. Outdoor Plants

  3. Structural media

  4. Xerophytic plants

  5. Light weight mix with hydrophilic foam